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Did Grooveshark Destroy Records?


Music companies asked a federal judge to sanction Grooveshark’s owner for destroying records they claim would have shown that Grooveshark engaged in copyright infringement.

Universal Music Group (UMG), Warner Bros. Records, and Sony Music say that Escape Media Group Inc., which owns Grooveshark, a music streaming service, destroyed records even though litigation was pending.


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A Witness To The Accident…In Space.


NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted an eruption of dust around a young star, possibly the result of a smashup between large asteroids. This type of collision can eventually lead to the formation of planets.

Scientists had been regularly tracking the star, called NGC 2547-ID8, when it surged with a huge amount of fresh dust between August 2012 and January 2013.

“We think two big asteroids…

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Foreign Poker Website Doesn’t Infringe US Trademark.


Best Odds Corp. had its trademark infringement suit against iBus Media Limited dismissed by a District Court in Nevada when the court found that it did not have jurisdiction over the dispute.

Best Odds and iBus both use the mark “MacPoker”  in connection with their websites.  Best Odds registered the mark in the US and then sued iBus for trademark infringement and misappropriation of commercial…

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Does This Make Me Look Fat?


Inquiring minds want to know…if you are a black hole that is.

Scientists are quite sure why black holes get so big.  As the name implies, supermassive black holes are millions of times more massive than the Sun.

We also know that at the center of every galaxy is a supermassive black hole.


Well a team of researchers from the University of Leicester in the UK and Monash University in…

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Jail Time Delayed for Trade Secret Theft.


A former executive headhunter has received a delay in serving a prison sentence while he appeals his conviction for theft of trade secrets, hacking, and conspiring to use proprietary information. However, the $60,000 fine had to be paid immediately.

David Nosal, a former recruiter for Korn/Ferry, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison for violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act…

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Skynet, the unseen villain in all the Terminator movies…isn’t what I am writing about.

No, this skynet is a global network of computer doing real astronomical research and you can help.

By connecting 100s and 1000s of computers together through the Internet, it’s possible to simulate a single machine capable of doing some pretty amazing stuff. The SkyNet is a community computing project…

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Appeal to Federal Circuit after Missed Deadline


AT&T has asked the Federal Circuit for more time to appeal after its patent law firm missed a deadline for challenging a $40 million patent infringement verdict against the company.

On February 6, US District Judge Orlando Garcia denied a motion by AT&T seeking an extension of time to appeal a March, 2013 verdict that it infringed patents owned by Two-Way Media LLC.

The patents included a…

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Kepler Data Reveals Two Potential Habitable Candidates.


A team of scientists pouring over the data, from the crippled Kepler spacecraft, have found two more potential Earth-like planets about 1,200 light years from here.

What makes the two Kepler-62 planets interesting is that they are in the same system.

Kepler-62 has five total planets (that we have found) with 62e and 62f being in the “Goldilocks” zone.  The habitable zone is area in a planetary…

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Partner At Karish & Bjorgum PCT Helps Restore Iconic Olympic Murals.


Eric Bjorgum, a founding member of Karish & Bjorgum PC, an Intellectual Property Law firm, is also a director of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, which has been working to restore murals commissioned for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Thanks to Eric’s, and other members of the conservancy’s, commitment, the murals painted along the 101 and 110 freeways in Los Angeles are being restored.

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